I have worked with laser and light therapies for the better part of the last decade and whilst they are all incredible my favourite would have to be IPL. 

I have used so many devices in my time , but here is the thing its not about what you are using but more so about how comfortable you are with the technology. Knowing how to manipulate your settings is the key to getting incredible results with IPL. 

When you feel comfortable and know your stuff it all just flows. 

This is why I created my IPL LOVER COURSE ! Let me guide you through how to get to the point where you back yourself and feel like you’re in control of the outcome!


Let me run you through the IPL Lover course and why you need it in your life!

Yes, I'm In!

This is for you if:

  • You love giving the most amazing treatments to your clients 
  • You are ready to take your cleints results to the next level with IPL 
  • You are thinking about investing in IPL for your treatment room or clinic
  • Your clients are asking you questions about IPL and your not sure what to say 
  • You don’t know how to explain how IPL works 
  • You are wanting to ditch waxing and be a IPL only clinic 
  • You are frustrated with your results with pigmentation and feel like you are getting nowhere with what you are doing
  • You see clients everyday who want to do something about their broken capillaries but you don’t know what you can offer them 
  • You want another option for skin rejuvenation that you can add to your treatment menu 
  • You find fulfillment in reaching your clients skin goals 
  • You want to shake up what you are currently doing and add something new 
  • You are ready to continue uplevelling yourself professionally and personally 
  • You love connecting with yourself and working on your self worth 
  • You are ready make more money in your treatment room 
  • You love the energy of being in a group and feeding off others experiences 
  • You need a some motivation to get going! 

This is NOT for you if:

  • You need 1 to 1 coaching sessions ( I have discovery sessions for this ) 
  • You are not motivated to make change 
  • You aren’t open to constructive feedback

You will get:

  • Full access to the IPL Lover course in your own learning portal 
  • A course that is yours that you can go back and watch whenever you want 
  • Done for you consultations for IPL treatments 
  • Done for you patch testing protocol 
  • Written scripts on the technology so that you can teach your clients about IPL and all the benefits it can offer them 
  • Light physics of IPL and how to apply them to your treatments 
  • Deep dive into wavelengths, fluence and delay to allow you to master your treatments 
  • Done for you treatment planning mapping and treatment options guides 
  • How to effectively treat broken capillares, rosacea, and erthema with IPL 
  • How to effectively treat freckles, sun spots and sundamage with IPL 
  • How to effectively treat terminal and hormonal hair growth with IPL 
  • How to effectively rejuvenate skin and reduce the signs of ageing with IPL 
  • How to treat and manage acne and acne scarring with IPL 
  • Demonstrations of how to correctly and safely carry out IPL treatments 
  • How to select your perfect client for IPL treatments 
  • Done for you before and after treatment care flyers

FREE BONUSES Valued at $599

At the end of the 8 weeks you will:

  • Feel confident to treat acne, pigmentation, capillaries, vascular conditions, pigmented skin and rejuvenate skin with IPL 
  • Be able to utilise your own knowledge to create incredible transformations with IPL 
  • Save money by learning how to utilise your machine that you already own and generate more income $$$$
  • Knowing all the ins and outs of IPL so that when the time comes to purchase you know what you are looking for 
  • Be able to create amazing treatment plans for your clients utilising IPL 
  • Love your profession even more and set yourself up as a skin specialist 
  • Receive a certificate upon completion 

One Time Payment

$997 AUD


4 Monthly Payments

$250 AUD/M


12 Weekly Payments

$85 AUD/week