IPL LOVER - One Time Payment

You will get:

  • Full access to the IPL Lover course in your own learning portal 
  • A course that is yours that you can go back and watch whenever you want 
  • Done for you consultations for IPL treatments 
  • Done for you patch testing protocol 
  • Written scripts on the technology so that you can teach your clients about IPL and all the benefits it can offer them 
  • Light physics of IPL and how to apply them to your treatments 
  • Deep dive into wavelengths, fluence and delay to allow you to master your treatments 
  • Done for you treatment planning mapping and treatment options guides 
  • How to effectively treat broken capillares, rosacea, and erthema with IPL 
  • How to effectively treat freckles, sun spots and sundamage with IPL 
  • How to effectively treat terminal and hormonal hair growth with IPL 
  • How to effectively rejuvenate skin and reduce the signs of ageing with IPL 
  • How to treat and manage acne and acne scarring with IPL 
  • Live lessons and demonstrations of how to correctly and safely carry out IPL treatments 
  • How to select your perfect client for IPL treatments 
  • Done for you before and after treatment care flyers

$997.00 AUD